MedTies ™ — Physician Database

Our MedTies™ Database provides the best information on physicians by compiling data from a variety of sources. Unlike competitors who simply give data from individual sources, we compile data collected from the AMA, ABMS, state licensing boards, and some of our own internal collection methods. By combining these various sources into a single repository, our clients can access comprehensive, complete, and accurate information from a single data source. Unlike other database providers where you buy a list of data, we give you access to our complete physician database so you can choose the information most relevant to your needs - saving you time and money from having to purchase multiple lists!

Features of the MedTies™ Database include:

  • Multiple sources of information
  • Sophisticated algorithms present the best information from the best sources
  • 200 Specialties available
  • 97% address deliverability
  • NCOA-processed addresses
  • 700,000 practicing physicians
  • Simple, intuitive search engine
  • Historical physician profiles
  • Email candidates instantly
  • Ties system that provides better focusing of searches

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